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Medical Marijuana may be popular – but there is so much we don’t know about its potential. Veritas Pharma’s (VRTHF) team is answering those questions – and investors who act now could grab 1,000% profits!


For the past 5 years – investors have been searching for a way to truly profit from the explosivemedical marijuana market – but often only find a way to make a few bucks here and there.

Very few people have been able to make a killing in this industry – as it’s so young and so segmented – the wealth was being spread too far and too thin.

However, a new segment of the cannabis market has just emerged…

A segment that could have early shareholders grabbing as much as 10 times their money back!

You see, the science behind the uses of medical marijuana is either inconclusive or outdated – but it’s probably the most important aspect to grasp in order to push this healing herb from taboo treatment into a legitimate medical therapy…

That’s why Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) has put 6 of the top scientific minds to work figuring out just which of the thousands of strands of cannabis work on which diseases or disorders.

It’s why so many states have decided to legalize its use in the first place!

And while there are plenty of public growers…

Plenty of public dispensaries…

There’s even plenty of public brand names…

But VRTHF is the only publicly traded marijuana research company that I’ve found that could be the key to the entire medical world. The work they’re doing is profound – it could change everything!

Which is why I’m so excited about this company’s profit potential!

If it does what I believe it can do – just a $2K investment could net you $20,000…

Just $5K could grow to $50,000…

And a $10K investment could explode to a $100,000 windfall!

But it’s only those who get in early that will be able to grab these types of gains…

By being what could be the only company in their market doing what they’re doing – every medical company on the planet could be lining up to partner with them to produce the most potent therapies as possible.

But there’s a lot more to the Veritas Pharma story…


Based in Vancouver, Canada — where cannabis is also legal — this company is staffed with an all-star team ready to change medicine as we know it.

How can you be sure that this company could reward investors with a 10X gain?

You just have to take a look at who's already hard at work, innovating as we speak.

Before we dive into the team, though, let's briefly understand the business model.


Simply stated, Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) is benefiting from a perfect storm: a super-hurricane combining skyrocketing industry growth, widespread legalization, and the broadening acceptance of cannabis' medicinal qualities.

Cannabis sales are increasing 25% every year. Legalization is occurring in new states every few months. Public approval is already 58% — and further increasing 2% annually. Thousands of new jobs are being created every week.

So, with the broad legalization of medical cannabis, it has become essential to identify the specific strains with the most desirable clinical applications.

Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) is meeting this demand. There have been a number of claims that cannabis benefits many disease conditions; however, reports are often of dubious value, anecdotal and frequently contradictory. The tests that form the basis of these claims lack standardization, using a wide variety of animals and research methods.

Even worse, despite a few experiments on isolated compounds like THC, most studies use extracts from the whole plant. This usually leaves the chemical composition undefined. Note that there are a huge number of compounds within cannabis plants and a tremendous variation in their chemical composition. (The concentrations of over 80 cannabinoids vary between every cannabis cultivar!)

Obviously, the therapeutic benefits of whole food extracts are superior to the individual components, such as isolated THC. For this reason, Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) is researching whole-plant cultivars that have the most beneficial health effects for humans.

Using modern analytical techniques, Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) obtains a "fingerprint," a chemical profile of the cultivar extracts, assessing both the raw extract and the extract processed by heat to duplicate the extraction effect of smoking. Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) then administers the profiled cultivars to rodents, identifying the ability of each cultivar to treat disease conditions, thereby establishing a therapeutic profile and associated side effects.

Ultimately, the conditions to be tested will reflect FDA recommendations for medical cannabis use. Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) and its clients are most interested in chronic and disabling conditions such as cancer, AIDS, chronic pain, nausea, vomiting, depression and anxiety.

The goal at Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) is to find the most effective cultivars to treat these conditions naturally, while avoiding severe adverse effects of synthetic drugs, especially analgesic addiction. Laboratory experimentation is a key step for the development of drugs to be used clinically.

Using a battery of well-established experimental models, including standard, whole animal and cultured cell assays, as well as by correlating chemical and therapeutic profiles, Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) will establish a scientific basis for the clinical use of individual cannabis cultivars to treat specific disease. Future clinical trials will likely receive sponsorship from big pharma (read: cash payments to Veritas Pharma!) and ultimately lead to improvements in many chronic health problems.

So, should you research Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) and its tremendous approach to patenting cannabis strains that could help millions of humans suffering from chronic health conditions?

Absolutely. But it gets even better.

Because not only is the business amazing by itself (it is), Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) also employs the best cannabis researchers in the world.


"Veritas is well positioned to identify and develop clinical cannabis derived treatments for a number of potential billion dollar markets."

"Virtual R&D is the hottest area of drug research today and Veritas is making good use of the technique."
"Veritas takes a unique approach to the medicinal marijuana space with its innovative R&D strategy."
"Veritas Pharma Inc (OTCMKTS:VRTHF) just picked up regulatory approval for cannabis cultivar research."
"The upside on offer, however, renders this risk bearable, and paints Veritas as a potentially rewarding allocation going forward."
"The company’s capitalization should undergo an upside revaluation as markets factor in the potential of the market it is targeting with the cultivar."


Senior Scientist at Veritas Pharma, Dr. Rivera-Acevedo was part of the founding team that established the first cannabinoid research laboratory at the University of British Columbia. His mastery of pharmacology has resulted in novel pharmacological approaches to pain control and chronic pain management techniques using ionotropic cannabinoid receptor antagonists.


Senior Scientist at Veritas Pharma, Dr. Hegle was also a founding member of the first cannabinoid research laboratory at the University of British Columbia. His experience is in developing industrial analytical chemistry systems. He is currently an adjunct professor with a strong background in experimental electrophysiology, pharmacology and biochemistry, with special emphasis on the molecular mechanisms that regulate ionotropic membrane receptors.


President and Head of Biology at Veritas Pharma, he holds numerous patents and has founded several public and private companies in Canada and the United Kingdom including Cardiome Pharma Corp. (TSX: COM), Verona Pharma plc (LSE-AIM: VRP), and Pneumolabs. He is an Emeritus Professor at the University of British Columbia with a focus in pharmacology, toxins, and drug design.



Senior Clinical Scientist at Veritas Pharma with 30 years of pharmacology experience, he is co-holder of patents in the areas of anti-arrhythmic drugs, analgesic drugs and computer techniques for mathematical modelling of anesthetic depth and prediction of epilepsy.


CEO of Therexcell Pharma and emeritus professor, Dr. Puil is the world's leading expert in central nervous system pharmacology. Dr Puil's laboratory is internationally renowned for research on central nervous system functions, disorders, and pharmacological therapies. He is also a co-holder of patents covering therapeutic uses of techniques and compounds for the prediction of epileptic seizures.


An ethnopharmacologist with extensive corporate experience, Dr. Stokes is a Goliath in the cannabis industry - especially in biological methodologies for enhancing crop yields. Dr. Stokes is an enzymologist, served as President of Biota Control Inc., and led sales of custom pharmaceutical compound synthesis at Biofine International Inc. He is also the Chief Medicinal Chemist at Therexcell Pharma Inc.

These scientists are working to take the necessary steps
in discovering and developing new cultivars that
Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) can quickly take to market.

"These scientists have the rare skills necessary to make blockbuster medicines," explained the CEO of Veritas Pharma (VRTHF).
"Veritas will be at the forefront of developing new and unique strains of medicinal cannabis. These plants will be patent protected
for a variety of unmet medical needs."

Patent-protected cannabis cultivars?
That means new treatments for human health —
that make a ton of money for investors.



CEO Dr. Lui Franciosi has more than 20 years of experience conducting pharmaceutical and medical device studies in academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

Previously, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Verona Pharma plc, and clinical trial manager at Nortran Pharma (NASDAQ: CRME).

CFO David Alexander previously served as CFO of Arakis Energy Corporation, Mr. Alexander managed its growth from startup to over $1 billion in assets, NASDAQ listing, and acquisition by Talisman Energy Inc.

Rounding out the team is Jesse McConnell who was instrumental in establishing the first (cough! cough!) federally legal, certified organic cannabis cultivation facility in the world. He is an advisor to Veritas Pharma, along with Peter Doig who is an expert in converting conventional agricultural systems into certified organic agricultural systems.


You've heard that if you had invested in Apple from
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Finding such diamonds in the rough may
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Veritas Pharma INC.

When the industrial revolution was taking off in the late 19th century, it was difficult to know where breakthroughs would come. No one had imagined audio recordings. Or electricity. Or motion pictures.

Who knew burning coal would lead to those kinds of innovations?

Smart investors lined up behind Thomas Edison. "The Wizard of Menlo Park" made a fortune for himself and his investors.

In the 1970s, it was clear that a computer revolution was on the way. No one knew that it would lead to iPhones or digital assistants to ease every facet of life.

But early investors didn't need to identify tomorrow's technologies. They just needed to find the right visionary to carry the load.

And if you'd invested in Steve Jobs when Apple first went public, you'd be sitting on gains of 18,343% today.

Solar power is clearly one of the most important energy technologies of the future. Exactly how that plays out is yet to be seen, but a revolution is on the way.

Much as it is in commercial space flight and, someday, space mining. Or electric cars. The details of the future may be hazy, but it's easy to identify the gist of history-to-come.

Know which smart man sees that future in crystal clarity? Billionaire Elon Musk, founder of Paypal, Solar City, Space X, Tesla, and a handful of other industry-leading companies.

In six years, Tesla alone is up over 822%. When Space X goes public, prepare for an even more dramatic lift off.

When new technologies emerge, you do best by investing in the right visionary. You want the man with the plan.

You want to find the expert in the field who possesses a certain gift. Edison, Jobs, and Musk had that gift. Whatever they did, they excelled at it.

Henry Ford, Mark Zuckerberg, and Nelson Rockefeller had it too.

And today, there's one company that has assembled a team of medical visionaries in a new industry - one that is exploding upwards with enormous speed.

Exactly what shape will this explosion of innovation take? You don't need to know that. You just need to back the leaders. They'll take care of the rest.

See, when new technologies or innovations arise, most of us are playing catch-up. We can know that the world is about to change — but we don't know exactly how yet.

Take the invention of the automobile. After the initial kinks were worked out, it quickly became apparent — transportation was about to be revolutionized, in a way at least as dramatic as the domestication of the horse.

But, even though everyone knew cars were
about to take over the world, no one knew how to
capitalize on this development yet.

But Henry Ford knew.

Henry Ford was an innovator. He invented an entirely new way of putting machines together — the assembly line.

Some people even argue that the assembly line has changed the world even more dramatically than the car. It was a new method of making things that increased efficiency to such a degree, that it touched every facet of our lives.

No one knew that cars would lead to such a radical change.
But, if you were able to recognize Henry Ford as a leader, you didn't need to know those details.

Those details — those innovations — aren't something that the general public will ever understand ahead of time.

If we did, we'd all be Henry Fords.

What you need is the right expert — someone immersed in the new technology. Someone who sees opportunity that others miss. Someone poised to put a dent in the universe.

That's the secret of leaders. And when you spot a leader ready to make his mark, you don't need to worry over how he will achieve success.

You simply know it will happen.

Why tell you all this? Simply because cannabis is an entirely new industry now taking shape — and within this industry, there is one company with not just one, but several Henry Fords hard at work.

Let's show you exactly what is happening.


By now, we understand that Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) has leadership with a vision to research and patent cannabis cultivars that could reward shareholders with gains of 10,000% or more.

They are scientists and businessmen who are passionate about finding natural treatments for human health, and they all have indisputable track records of success.

This team is also enjoying the support of the fastest-growing industry in North America.

On December 23, 2015, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) eased regulatory requirements for FDA-approved clinical trials on cannabidiol, a cannabis extract. This is streamlining the exploration of this compound which has already shown significant medicinal promise, and which has generated significant investment for its human therapeutic potential.

Moreover, 2015 was a watershed year for the cannabis market. Legal sales in the U.S. grew from $4.6 billion in 2014 to $5.4 billion in 2015. Demand is expected to increase another 25% during 2016 to $6.7 billion. By 2020, legal market sales will grow to $21.8 billion.

Yes, you read that correctly
Legal cannabis sales will triple by 2020.

Moreover, these amounts would be twice as big if they included additional revenue from the cannabis industry's fertilizers, lighting systems, hydroponics, consumer products, testing labs, security and publications.

The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of legal U.S. cannabis revenue is a staggering 30%.

According to a 2015 Gallup poll, 58% of Americans support legalization of cannabis for adult use — up from 36% ten years ago. Another 2015 poll by Harris found 81% of Americans support legalization for medical use.

86% of Americans reside in a state that has legalized medical or recreational cannabis use.

During 2016, a majority of U.S. states will have transitioned from cannabis prohibition to some form of regulated legal markets. Currently, 23 states have already legalized medical cannabis, and up to seven more states are expected to approve pending legislation during 2016, tipping the number from 23 into the majority (26 or more of the 50 U.S. states).

In total, eleven new states will be voting to expand cannabis access during 2016.

During 2015 alone, Colorado generated
$1 billion in cannabis sales, up from $700 million
the prior year. The state received $134.6 million
from cannabis taxes and licenses fees alone.

Legal cannabis sales will triple by 2020

Also during Spring 2015 alone...

The first legal, medical cannabis dispensaries begin operating in Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Nevada.
New Jersey opened additional dispensaries.
Hawaii passed legislation regarding commercial cultivation and sale of medical cannabis to patients.
Louisiana lawmakers passed a measure to allow cultivation sites and dispensaries.
California lawmakers finally approved a regulatory framework for the state's already enormous medical cannabis industry.
Oregon commenced recreational sales.
Connecticut and Delaware added new dispensary licenses.
Washington received $257 million from cannabis taxes and licenses fees.
New York and New Hampshire awarded medical cannabis business licenses.
Maryland finalized regulations and started its licensing process.
Arizona, Connecticut, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico and Washington DC increased their medical cannabis sales considerably.
Even Native American tribes convened around business opportunities in cannabis production.


A sub-sector of the broader cannabis market, clinical research continues to receive sizable capital investment.

This benefits Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) directly. Not only is the company well-capitalized, it also enjoys generous support from wealthy investors. Investors know that they will be richly rewarded if Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) identifyies even one cannabis-derived therapy that could receive sponsorship for an FDA trial.

Investors are already injecting significant amounts of capital into cannabis research. From studies on cell development to pill-based therapies, both retail and institutional investors are riding the profits from the fastest-growing industry in the U.S.

Don't forget: U.S. legal cannabis sales will triple by 2020. You definitely want to consider investing in Veritas Pharma (VRTHF).

Cannabis businesses looking for capital had more access in 2015 than ever before. Million-dollar deals were commonplace, and institutional funds such as Privateer Holdings and Tuatara Capital raised tens of millions of dollars to deploy into the industry. Additionally, private investors have continued to generously fund cannabis startups in 2016

4,600,000 The increase in cannabis users from 2007 to today
86% Percentage of Americans who live in a state with legalized medical cannabis
1.5 million Number of Americans who purchased cannabis in 2014
60,000 People employed by the U.S. cannabis industry
$5.4 billion Legal cannabis sales in 2015
1973 Oregon becomes the first state to decriminalize cannabis.
1996 California legalizes medical cannabis.
2010 15 U.S. states have decriminalized cannabis.
2012 Washington and Colorado legalized recreational cannabis for adults 21 years of age or older.
2014 The United States House of Representatives passed a bill prohibiting the DEA from using funds to arrest medical cannabis patients in states with medical cannabis laws.
2015 23 states have decriminalized cannabis.


If you have missed the huge rallies in cannabis stocks during the past year, then you're in luck — Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) is just getting started.

Check out these actual results to see what type of potential Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) has. Cannabis stocks are some of the most explosive stocks in the world — they have rewarded their investors with quadruple-digit gains.

GreenGro Technologies, Inc. rallied 1,100% within one month.
American Green Inc. rallied 2,000% within three.
Cannabis Science, Inc. rallied 1,500% within one month.
Medical Marijuana, Inc. rallied 1,400% within one year.
Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. rallied 3,100% within three months.
Growlife, Inc. rallied 1,400% within one year.
Cannabis Sativa, Inc. rallied 1,200% within one month.

So, we have a company focused on
identifying and patenting the best cannabis
cultivars in the world...

...led by team members with the same visionary gift that
allowed Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Mark Zuckerberg
and Elon Musk to reward early
shareholders with gains over 10,000%...

...operating in a multi-billion dollar industry,
growing 25% every year...

That's a formula for investing success.

Even it was just the industry, we already know how a rising tide lifts all boats.

Yes, you could have bought any home in California during the 1990s and made money. Everything gained value.

The same has been true for public cannabis companies since the early 2010s. Almost every stock is rallying.

Did you see that list of
cannabis stocks above? Each one rallying over 1,000%?

It's hard to lose money
investing in cannabis
companies right now.

But you aren't satisfied with a single stock in your portfolio rallying 24% per year. No, you want the confidence of discovering a stock that could rally thousands of percentage points... a stock that could REWARD YOU WITH A 10X GAIN. A stock with visionary leadership that could be the next Apple, Ford, Facebook or Tesla... of the cannabis industry.

Today is your day to change your financial life forever.Just think: how a 10X return would change your life. Research Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) today.



Jeff Daniels
Editor, The Stock Profiler

P.S. Veritas Pharma (VRTHF) just announced the finalization of its team in March 2016. This is your only opportunity to invest at the ground floor of one of the most prestigious partnerships of cannabis scientists in the world.

P.S.S. Whether you like it or not, cannabis is a multi-billion dollar industry that will be growing 20-30% every year until at least 2020. You need exposure to this industry. Do you have a cannabis stock in your portfolio right now?

Images and industry statistics from The 2016 State of Legal Marijuana Markets, 4th edition, by Arcview Market Research & New Frontier.


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